Z War Patch Notes

Version X.XX (November 18, 2015)

  • The market is unlocked.
    • You can buy premium resources, alloys, materials, items and higher level troops in “Market”.

Version X.XX (November 10, 2015)

  • The Stronghold is unlocked.

Version X.XX (September 26, 2015)

  • The Prison is unlocked.
  • Added more events in the Event Center.

Version X.XX (September 08, 2015)

  • Players below Lv.6 won’t lose any Resources when attacked.
  • Improve the amount of Resources protected in Federal Reserve.
  • Hero will recover all HP when upgrade.
  • Optimize the refresh mechanism in PvE.
  • Optimize the ‘Optimal’ function in ‘March’ Menu.
  • Add new notification when your troops back home.
  • Bugs Fixed
    • Fix the bug in battle reports.
    • Correct the misuse of the Artillery as Fortification.
    • Fix the price bug in Alliance Store.
    • Correct the price of items in Alliance Store.

Version 1.07 (July 28, 2015)

  • Hero Skills
    • Commander, you can now assign skill points to your Heroes.
    • Some skills include increasing Operation Unit Limit, Garrison Limit, PvE fighting bonus, etc.
  • Monsters on the World Map
    • Be careful as you explore the world, dangerous monsters have appeared looking to challenge your armies.
    • Attack and defeat them to receive large rewards!
  • All new PvE System
    • Send your Heroes out on the helicopter and enjoy crushing the zombies trying to get into your city.
    • Don’t forget to keep your Heroes Energy and HP up.
  • Bug Fixes.
    • Chat system should be working better
    • Some bugs were fixed in regards to the Alliance System.
  • Log-in Optimization
    • Improved the log-in system so that you are able to log in quicker.